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mercoledý 28 luglio 2021

The school


From its very beginnings, fascism considered the education of children and young people a top priority. In the course of the regime’s twenty years, it formulated an all-embracing project for moulding the consciences and character of the young. In 1922 the entire school system, including the universities, underwent wholesale reorganisation. Ideological indoctrination ranged from uniforms, didactic programmes and school texts to notebooks and a teachers' oath. The fascistisation of education reached a peak in 1939 with the approval of the School Charter, designed to create a “perfect pedagogical totalitarianism”, although it was largely to remain a dead letter due to Italy's entry into war a year later. The central element of the Charter was the definitive interpenetration between school and politics "under the leadership and the magisterium of the Duce".
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